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Thailand's Northern Capital
"The Rose of the North", and second only to Bangkok in terms of its variety of attractions to visitors. Indeed, many "Bandkokians", as well as guest from overseas
, regard Chiang Mai as the holiday place to visit.

City, village residents have continued since the year 700 until nowaday. The city of Chiang Mai is also in the former. Only the old and decadent to the present time, Chiang Mai is the northern tourist hub with airlines. Direct flight to Chiang Mai down. Such as America, Europe, Japan, China to fly directly to Chiang Mai. Without having to go through Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a great move more.

Chiang Mai was founded in the late 13th century and is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in Thailand. It was once the capital of Lanna, an independent Thai Kingdom and has preserved its unique cultural heritage to a marked degree.

Chiang Mai is Thailand's principal northern province.  It is some 700 kilometres north of Bangkok and covers an area of 20,000 square metres.  The city is located in a fertile valley some 300 metres above sea level,which accounts for its slightly drierand cooler climate than most other parts of this country.

The population is estimated to be 250,000persons.The province itself is large,measuring 130 kms from east to west,and 320 kms from north to south .As well as Thai national,it is the home of various colourful minorities,many with Thai citizenship,including the Lua,Mon,Lisu,Akha,Hmong and Muser people.

Culture of Chiang Mai is architecture reflects Lanna Thai,Burmese,Sri Lankan and Mon influences.There are some 300 temples in the city and on its outskirts. The Golden Age of Lanna-Chiang Mai lies some 500 years back in the time of king Tilokarat,but the city has recently been undergoing a process of regeneration,and while full of the bustle of modern life,it hasn't lost touch with its glorious past.

When you come to Chiang Mai.You can be sure that its people will welcome you with their traditional charm and hospitality.
Have a good time in Chiang Mai!

Famous Attraction Places :
Doi Suthep Temple
Doi Inthanon national Park
Chiang Mai Zoo
Chiang Mai Night Safari
Hot Spring
Elephant Safari
Chiang Mai Art and Culture Center
Chiang Man Temple
Chedi Luang Temple
Phrsing Temple
Handicraft Village

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